Why You Cannot Stay Focused – Causes and Solutions

Would you like to stay focused and enjoy an unmatched level of concentration like Albert Einstein? This may seem too elusive courtesy of distractions that form an inevitable part of life and also tend to draw your attention away from the core areas, but it is definitely not impossible.

Irrespective of whether you are a student, a professional or a stay-at-home individual, poor concentration is something that does tend to set in over a period of time and very soon you find yourself struggling to stay focused. Invariably you start the day worrying incessantly about your inability to focus and this in turn leads to undue mental stress. If ignored and allowed to grow unabated, it could also impair your memory and aggravate into amnesia.

What Causes You To Lose Focus?

Loss of concentration and focus is due to several causes which are -

Inability to control self-talk – All of us are born with that little voice in our heads that keeps on talking throughout the day. While some of it may pertain to the present, much of it is distraction and tends to draw you away from your current situation. And before you even realize, your mind is wandering all over the world.

Procrastination – To procrastinate is human. While you may have won a momentary victory by getting away from a particular task, the stress of completing it at a later date is enough to destroy your focus on the task at hand.

Scattered brain – When you have too many things on your mind, chances are that you are unlikely to stay focused on any of them. Maybe you are an expert at multi-tasking but there are times when everything piles up and demands attention. Such situations usually trigger stress and may also lead to memory loss.

Is There A Solution To Stay Focused?

Indeed there is a solution to this problem and it entails a combination of both internal and external remedies.

Internally you would be required to make an effort to stay more in the ‘now’, to prepare a list of to-do jobs and follow it and prioritize tasks so as to minimize procrastination. Externally, you could rely on supplements to enhance cognitive functions and memory. These would enable you to recover from undue stress and experience a significant improvement in overall personal health.

Using Natural Supplements to Stay Focused

Natural supplements could be taken in form of tablets or tonic and are enriched with antioxidants and tonics like Jala Brahmi and Arjuna which boost blood circulation to the neural region. Herbs like ashwagandha shield your nervous system from the degenerative effects of stress and in the process enhance cognitive functionality, thus improving both concentration and focus.

Natural herbs in supplements, particularly ashwagandha, energize and fortify the body’s immune system. You are thus better poised to overcome weakness and recover from mental stress.

Another big positive is the absence of side effects while using these natural supplements, their positive impact on your health notwithstanding. Of course these supplements need to be taken as per the prescription so as to derive maximum benefit.

Final Word

Once your concentration improves and you are able to stay focused, there are bound to be a number of positive developments in your life, like faster completion of tasks, enhanced productivity and better quality of work. Success does not seem as elusive as before and you tend to enjoy every aspect of your life more than ever.